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This is the Blockport Token.

What is BPT and how can you use it?

BPT is an Ethereum powered ERC20 utility token that is consumable within the Blockport platform and gives access to multiple trading- and social functionalities.

Social trading Blockport creates a microeconomy where members can use BPT to follow or copy other members’ portfolios. Beginners can learn from experienced traders and experienced traders earn BPT in reward by sharing their strategies.

Discounted trading fees Transaction fees can be paid in native transaction currency or with BPT. Members who choose to pay transaction fees with BPT will benefit from a discount.

Token sale details.

Total token supply
69,440,000 BPT

Total tokens to be sold
49,600,000 BPT (71.4%)

Pre-sale target
1666 ETH

Crowdsale target
15000 ETH

Pre-sale starts
3rd of January 2018 15:00 CET

Pre-sale ended
3rd of January 2018 15:03 CET

Crowdsale starts
24th of January 2018 15:00 CET

Crowdsale ended
24th of January 2018 15:13 CET

Pre-sale BPT rate
1 ETH = 3840 BPT

Crowdsale BPT rate
1 ETH = 2880 BPT

Token distribution
Participants 71,4%
Team, advisors & early seed investors 14,3%
Blockport Token Shop 10%
Community, bountyprogram and 3rd parties 4,3%
Allocation of proceeds
Trading Reserve 50%
Development 14,2%
Operations 10,4%
Marketing 16,2%
Legal 9,2%


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