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Taking security seriously is vital for running a sustainable company and platform. One of our core principles is that we don’t cut corners, and we apply this principle to our security with extra care. Through rigorous security measures focused on prevention, detection and mitigation, we can ensure the safety, stability and reliability of our platform.
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We keep Blockport secure together, therefore we involve you in keeping your data secure too.

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Security in our application and infrastructure is paramount to keep Blockport and its users safe.

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What we build, and what you use, begins with what we create as an organization.


Security is a process, and we want to collaboratively keep Blockport and its users safe from cyber threats. By enforcing and recommending good security practices to our users, we enable everyone to help keep their information secure.

2-Factor authentication

We want to make sure you are always really you. To allow better security than what only your password offers, we enable two factor authentication and advise users to use this form of authentication.

Know your customer

Keeping Blockport secure for you also means we keep people that make it less secure out. We do thorough checks on our users to make sure you are amongst well-intentioned users on our platform and in the community.


Security starts and ends with people, so knowing what the risks and best practices are is very valuable. In order to let you keep your funds and information secure, we actively advise you to implement good security practices when using Blockport.


Keeping our application secure requires constant attention and investment. We choose to do whatever is necessary to run Blockport with confidence, so our users can experience the same confidence when using our application.


Prevention is better than cure. To ensure we reduce risk on every level, we work with industry leading companies assisting us in managing our responsible disclosure program and private bug bounty program, as well as frequent penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. On top of this, we actively monitor online activity to prevent brand abuse and other risks to our system and users.


We acknowledge that being completely secure is a constant goal but no certainty. Next to sparing no expense on preventing vulnerabilities from being exploited, we actively invest in detecting them as early as possible to manage and assess all potential damage done. By constantly monitoring our system for inconsistencies, we ensure that we are aware of what happens in our system and organization.


Even with proper prevention and detection in place, we know that we have to be prepared to handle security risks when they are exploited. Most victims do not find out about their hack until after the damage is done. We focus on both detecting problems as early as possible, as well as investing actively in being able to mitigate them effectively.


Enabling Blockport’s processes to be focused on security allows our system to be more secure too. We implement several best practices on an organizational level to realise this.


We regularly do internal trainings to constantly educate and motivate our team to invest in security and apply best practices.

Employee screening

All Blockport employees have to pass a thorough background check and have to provide us with a certificate of good conduct before they are eligible to start with their career at Blockport.

Three lines of defense

Our risk management framework is designed to clearly define roles and responsibilities within Blockport. This means that we strengthen our risk culture by employing three separate functions that respectively own and manage risk, oversee and specialise in compliance, and perform internal audits.

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