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Using Revolut to get started on Blockport

Looking for a way to top up your Blockport account without having a € bank account? By using Revolut, you can turn your local currency into euros within minutes. On this page, we’ll show you how it’s done.

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Step 1

Download the Revolut app

Head to, enter your cell phone number and download the app. At this stage, you’ll have to go through a short identity verification (KYC) process.

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Step 2

Top up with GBP

Once you’re settled into the Revolut app and your account dashboard, you’ll be able to top up your account with Pounds (GBP), or the national currency of the country you’re in. The app’s interface will smoothly guide you through this process.

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Step 3

Create EUR account

Within the app, click on settings, under which you’ll be able to see the option creating an additional account, in which Euro comes up as one of the first options.

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Step 4

Exchange GBP to EUR

Once you’ve set up your EUR account, you’ll be asked if you’d like to convert GBP into Euros in order to top up your EUR account. Follow the instructions, and once your EUR account is topped up, you’ll be just one step away from using Blockport.

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Step 5

Prepare the bank deposit

In Revolut, simply go to Payments, then click on “add a new beneficiary”. You’ll be presented with multiple different transfer options, and you’ll need to choose “to a business”. When asked to choose which country you’d like to deposit to, choose the Netherlands, and then choose Euro as a currency.
Enter Blockport’s bank account details, which you’ll find within your Blockport dashboard, after clicking on ‘wire transfer’ when you go through the ‘Deposit Euro’ flow.

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Step 6

Top up your Blockport account

Select “transfer to newly created beneficiary”, after which you can click on “Stichting Blockport”. Enter the amount you’d like to transfer, in conjunction with the reference code in your Blockport dashboard.

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Step 7

Enjoy the platform and let us know what you think

Blockport focuses strongly on our user-experience, ensuring wherever we can that our users can seamlessly flow through the experience of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

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Buy cryptocurrency instantly on Blockport

Blockport is the easiest place to discover the world of cryptocurrency for both beginner and advanced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

After depositing euros through Revolut by following the steps above, you will have a secure environment available to you, where you can buy, sell and store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Easily buy Bitcoin through the user-friendly interface of Blockport.

Frequently asked questions


What about recurring transfers?

It’s important to note that for recurring transfers, all details will remain the same each time, except for the reference number, which is different for every transfer. In other words, once you’ve listed Blockport as a beneficiary in Revolut, you won’t need to enter our bank details again, you’ll only need to change the reference number.

Why should I use Revolut?

If you’re in the UK or a non-EU country, you’ve probably heard of Revolut, the digital bank that’s providing citizens with much cheaper access to financial services. Revolut doesn’t charge fees for overseas transfers, and its app comes with a variety of practical features to help you better manage your money, save for the long-term, or get insured at the click of a button.

For our Blockport community in the UK, we’ve identified Revolut as the easiest entry point to using our platform, as the app is easy to use, and only a few simple steps need to be taken before you’ve got euros in your Blockport account with which you can buy and sell the world’s leading cryptocurrencies with.

Why should I use Blockport and not one of the many other exchanges or trading platforms out there?

For starters, we differentiate ourselves on price. Because our trading platform is integrated into other cryptocurrency exchanges, we’re able to aggregate prices from across the board and offer you, our user, with the most competitive price for a particular cryptocurrency at any given time.

Apart from that, we don’t believe in charging enormously high trading/transaction fees, and offer a going rate of 0.3% for all trades or transactions, regardless of how much you’re transacting. For Blockport users who hold more than 2.500 Blockport Tokens, this fee gets halved, so your fees are only 0.15%.

Finally, if you have a look at the Blockport roadmap, you’ll see that we’re constantly improving our exchange, building features like social trading, which will allow you to copy the best crypto traders out there.

Which countries does Blockport support?

We aim to be a global exchange, offering our services to everyone. Currently, Blockport supports a wide range of countries in Europe and more will be added in the future.

Please see our full list of supported countries for more info.

Which payment methods does Blockport support?

We currently support payments by SEPA Bank Transfer, SOFORT Banking and iDeal. To learn which payment methods are supported in your country, check out our supported countries page

How do I buy Bitcoins with SEPA Bank Transfer on Blockport?

For European countries we offer a safe way to buy Bitcoins with SEPA Bank Transfer. SEPA Bank Transfer is a secure way to send money online from one country inside Europe to another. SEPA Bank Transfer is a fast, safe and above all cheap way to transfer money online.

In order to buy Bitcoin with SEPA Bank Transfer on Blockport you will have to follow these four simple steps.

1. Create a Blockport Account

The first step is to sign up for Blockport by creating a new account. You can use this account to buy, sell and store Bitcoin.

2. Verify your Account

By verifying your identity, your account will be activated.

3. Connect a Bank Account

After your account is verified, connect your bank account in order to deposit euros or US dollars.

4. Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoins instantly and exchange them on our trading platform.

Is Blockport safe to use?

Blockport works with industry leading partners to ensure the safety of our users and platform as a whole. Through many rigorous safety measures focused on prevention, detection and mitigation of security issues, Blockport ensures the safety of the exchange.

If you want to learn more about our safety measures, please see our dedicated safety page.

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