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About us

In 2017 we saw a rising opportunity. The cryptocurrency and blockchain space was blooming and ripe for adoption by the majority of our society. We set out to build a user-friendly exchange that connects social with trading, enabling people to effortlessly trade cryptocurrency and help them adopt the new digital economy.
We called our company and platform Blockport - an abbreviation for “Blockchain portal”, providing everyone access to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
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We think that developing technology should be an iterative process by which consumers, corporates, and governmental institutions are included to review the ethical acceptability, sustainability and societal desirability of the complete innovation process.

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With the creation of social-economic innovation, we believe that a knowledge sharing community is of the essence to trigger people's intrinsic interest, engagement and successfully facilitate the adoption of new technology.

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In this fast-changing, high-paced market it is of the utmost importance to remain a stable and secure factor. Awareness for security challenges is therefore a core value that runs through the veins of all our team members.


Collaborations are key to success.
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The complexity of cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for beginners to start trading. Current platforms impose high barriers to entry, because they often lack usability, transparency and education. As a result, many people are discouraged to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Blockport aims to develop an end-to-end trading platform that addresses these problems by effectively combining proven technological, social and crypto economic concepts to create a completely new and effortless trading experience.

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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as its first offspring are starting to take form in our society. We believe that they are here to stay and will transform the way we interact with each other.

The Blockport team firmly believes that - despite the recent developments in the world of cryptocurrencies - there still exists an enormous knowledge gap between the high-tech blockchain world and the majority of our society. We think this can be improved.

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Blockport Whitepaper

Transparent, ambitious and industry leading.

Team Blockport

We are always looking for new talent to join our team
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A photo of Sebastiaan Lichter
Sebastiaan Lichter

Founder & Chief Product

A photo of Kai Bennink
Kai Bennink

Founder & Chief Strategy

A photo of Zowie Langdon
Zowie Langdon

Founder & Chief Product

Jasper Blokland

Product Owner

Jasper Jansz

Lead UI & UX Designer

Yevgeny Terov

Senior Software Architect

Andrii Yurchuk

Senior Backend Developer

Tim van Deurzen

Senior Backend Developer

Kilian Marjew

Senior Software Engineer

Jaanus Varus

Senior Software Engineer

Kyran Burraston

Lead Frontend Developer

Petro Momot

Senior Frontend Developer

Vitaly Lavrov

Senior Scala Developer

John Mathews

Data Scientist

Adriaan Krul

Support Manager

David Kaplan

Community Manager

Marco Klingler

Community Manager

Bengt Bennink

Lead Community Manager

Nienke Norden

HR Manager

Gino Taselaar

Growth Marketer

Pascal van Steen

Growth Marketer

Eugene Tshovrebov

Senior Scala Developer

Maksym Lushpenko

DevOps Engineer

Richard Wols

Frontend Developer

Farley Farley

Senior DevOps Architect

Erich Rickens

Growth and Communications

Our team works closely with industry experts to effectively deal with the challenges we face.
Johannes de Jong
Johannes de Jong

Head of Regulatory, Osborne Clarke

Jeffrey Dorrestijn
Jeffrey Dorrestijn

Digital Marketing,

Lars Rensing
Lars Rensing


Geert Blom
Geert Blom

Risk & compliance officer, Enigma consulting

Lars Bijsmans
Lars Bijsmans

Tax counsel, ex-Optiver

Spiros Mantadakis
Spiros Mantadakis

UX and Design


Looking for your next opportunity? We’re looking for bright minds who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, and who know how to build great products.

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Contact us

We are an international company based in Amsterdam

Blockport B.V.
Danzigerbocht 45S
1013 AM, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Chamber of commerce: 70541752
VAT: NL858367002B01

+31202441784 (Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 18:00 CEST)