Bounty Community

The Blockport Bounty Campaign is full!

Due to current success we stopped accepting new hunters in our bounty community.

Next to that, Facebook and Twitter actions are from now on excluded from the campaign. Hunters that are in the community can keep claiming other custom actions. at Add Blockport Bounty + platform in the subject line of your email. Be sure to claim the bounty on the email address you've registered in the campaign with.

For example: if you have created a Youtube video about Blockport, your email subject line would look like this: Blockport Bounty Youtube. Don’t forget to add the link to your custom action in the body of the email. New referrals won't be accepted.

Note: Only custom actions that have been claimed will be reviewed.

Claim Custom Bounty

You can keep on sharing our content through social channels, but you won't get rewarded for it.

In our Blockport Bounty Program manual on Medium you can read what kind of actions are available to earn BPT. 1 point is equal to 1 BPT.

We also want to stimulate creativity. If you have a great idea about how you could spread the message about Blockport in a way that isn’t listed in the article, please email us on and we’ll set up a custom reward for you.

Disclaimer: If we discover any fraudulent activities of any sort in an account, this account will be banned immediately from the Bounty Community and will be excluded from future participation. You need to pass our manual quality check in order to be eligible for your reward. You will not get rewarded with BPT if you do not send us an email to claim your reward and add 'Blockport Bounty + (platform)' to the subject line of your email. Your referrals need to be active in order for them to be eligible for your bonus. If your account has too many non-active referrals we will not reward you for your activities in the Blockport Bounty Campaign.